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At Timeless Treasures, our goal is to not only help you liquidate the household items, but to make the process easy and stress free. It may be due to the loss of a loved one, moving a relative to assisted living or nursing home, retirement, moving to another state, or possibly you are facing foreclosure and need to liquidate your belongings. Any major life change is difficult and liquidating an entire home can be an overwhelming task.

This is where our expertise can help ease the stress. Timeless Treasures can turn your estate into cash. We can help you get the most money for your antiques, collectibles and home furnishings in a short period of time. The most successful estate or moving sale requires planning and meticulous attention to detail by knowledgeable, experienced estate sale professionals.

When you hire an Estate Sale service - ask these questions: 

Do they price all items? 

Do they keep valuables in a case at the desk? 

Do they research all items and know the current trends? 

These may seem like simple questions, but they are very important. There's nothing worse than attending an Estate Sale where the items are unorganized, the house is messy, and you have to keep asking what the prices are. This is can result in lower sales. Organization is key to the success of a sale.

We provide all of the resources needed to conduct a full-service, turn-key ESTATE SALE:

  • Consulting with homeowners, family, or executors prior to the sale
  • Research of items for current pricing trends
  • Sorting and organizing merchandise, displaying merchandise attractively
  • Advertising the sale & Conducting the sale 

Let's discuss your Estate Sale / Liquidation or Moving Sale needs!

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Made Easy

Commission based means we work hard and price each and every item to get you the most return.

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We advertise on websites and in local newspapers in advance.


We can help with the liquidation of the home prior to the move.

Estate Sales made easy -

 the house is empty within 5 days of the sale and you earn money!